You need performance not just training!

Today businesses of all sizes are faced with a stark choice: adapt or go out of business. Businesses that are unable to accommodate the competitive pressures placed on them by all stakeholders, especially customers and employees, will shut down.Businesses that can create winning cultures by providing business training that is performance-linked and what we call total stakeholder satisfaction will survive and thrive.

Successful managers, supervisors and workers are those who possess qualities of common sense, objectivity, analytical judgement, decision-making ability and technical competence. They are capable of sustained hard work, team work and tolerance,

Total Stakeholder Satisfaction

If an organisation or team is to perform, the people who have expectations or place demands on that system have to be satisfied.

Many organisations focus on one group of stakeholders at the expense of other groups.

For example, after the Second World War, many organisations in countries such as Australia, the USA and Canada still had enormous resources, growing internal and external demand, and the commercial advantage of an infrastructure still intact. There was little global competition and organisations could thrive by concentrating on shareholder returns. Other organisations in countries such as Japan, deprived of these competitive advantages, strived for financial returns by concentrating on customer satisfaction and quality.

No Goals, No Glory!

Mistakes in decisions about goals are the greatest single cause of human incompetence...Thomas Gilbert

Individual human potential is limitless, and as organizations are made up of human beings, the potential for any organization to achieve its goals, is also limitless. An enormous opportunity to improve productivity and quality of working life, almost with-out exception, exists in striving for greater degrees of clarity and focus on what is important, where an organization wants to be, and how to get there.

The Blame Game


Individuals, teams and whole departments blaming each other, and forming “silos” and “castles with moats” is arguably the biggest waste of organizational energy and an “invisible germ” that distorts our outlook. No individual or team can solve a problem until they accept responsibility for it – or at least for those aspects of the problem that are under their control.