Sacher Associates began at the University of Cape Town in South Africa where Monty Sacher, founder, and Principal of Sacher Associates (Australia) Pty Ltd, was studying for his Business Science Degree. In his honors year tutorials, the course required him to analyze one real company per week from disciplines such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Production etc. To Monty, they all seemed to have the same problems:


"No unified sense of direction and an inability to translate the strategic plan into the everyday activities of the people doing the work, disengaged unmotivated workers, an ineffective and unaligned measurement system, lack of role clarity and focus, a mismatch between the competencies demanded by the organization and the competencies supplied by employees, etc."


Monty then spent the next 25 years identifying, perfecting and successfully implementing what he calls the 10 essential components and systems of team performance that are necessary for performance improvement. First, in a large organization in South Africa called South African Breweries (which became SABMiller, the second largest brewing company in the world before being taken over), and then in Sacher Associates (Australia) Pty Ltd which he founded in 1990. 

Monty believes that if people are more productive at work they can be happier which flows through to their families and to society. He founded Sacher Associates to express his commitment to contributing to the twin goals of simultaneously improving productivity and quality of working life in organizations of all sizes. 

Sacher Associates has established performance systems in some of the most successful organizations in the world. Our objective is to implement performance systems that are hierarchically and mathematically connected to the organization's vision and that will focus all levels of the organization achieving its vision and continuous performance improvement. 

The essence of our core work involves the development and translation of the organization's mission, strategic goals, values and measures into the everyday output, measures and targets of the people doing the work and to provide assistance in the development, implementation and continuous improvement of the following basic business systems (see below points), so as to measurably improve performance against predetermined targets:

Sacher Associates is resourced by an international network of trained, experienced and accredited associates.