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Author: Sacher, Harold Monty. Sacher, Merryl
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Released:  3rd Edition (Aus) January 2016
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A potent system for measuring and managing performance: individual performance, team performance, and organisational performance.With case studies and examples from both the private and public sectors, this is a practical book that enables you to build a performance measurement/management system that you can implement without delay. Books are supplied as hardback or EBooks.

Formulated in the engine rooms of industry - on shop floors and in boardrooms - Performance Measures Applied is a performance strategy that comes from years of experience working with people who are the backbone of business - workers, team leaders, and managers.It is no academic treatise. It is a tried and tested pathway to measurable, definable, performance improvement.

If performance on the job is not measured, then performance improvement remains a myth. You may do your best to introduce a total quality approach, benchmark, empower the workforce, build teams, strike an enterprise agreement - but for what purpose and how sustainable if you cannot measure the output and the improvements, and control variance? Measuring performance is integral to achieving business goals. Without it, visions and goals remain just dreams. 

Performance Measures Applied is a jargon-free, practical guide, a tried and tested pathway to measurable, definable performance improvement. The "back to basics" formula presented in this manual, works in product, service or public sector environments alike, in small and large organisations, within divisions and across companies and locations.

Performance Measure Applied was written to help you:

  • Measure performance so that you can improve
  • Align daily activities with your organisation's/team's vision
  • Focus your organisation on the output requirements of your customers 

It provides a step-by-step process to build an effective performance measurement/management system that works showing how to: 

  •     Identify stakeholders and customers
  •     Identify outputs
  •     Develop performance measures
  •     Set targets
  •     Construct a balanced scorecard
  •     Give performance feedback against targets


The book is in three parts,  

Part One being the introduction and how the performance management system works, 

Part Two, the seven modules of the plan itself and 

Part Three, implementation with experience-based guidelines and actual examples to aid implementation. 

There are ten easy to read modules, divided into the three parts: While each module can stand alone, together they form a comprehensive performance management system.Each module contains examples, summaries, checklists, glossaries and quality standards. In addition, two modules are dedicated to guidelines for implementing a performance measurement system, the most common pitfalls, and case studies. 

Below is a sample of some major content headings 


Module 1: The Big Picture

Module 2: Why Develop Performance Measures

  • The basic components of team performance
  • A unified sense of direction
  • Strategy or long-term goals
  • Outputs and performance measures
  • Feedback
  • Rewards systems
  • Targets
  • Skills/knowledge
  • Structure and job design
  • Systems and processes
  • Communication
  • Strategic planning system
  • Performance management system
  • Team performance systems
  • Total quality management
  • Benchmarking
  • Gainsharing and reward systems
  • Empowerment
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Contracting out services
  • Strategic alliances
  • Learning organizations


Module 3: Total Stakeholder Satisfaction Module 4: How to Develop Outputs
  • Total stakeholder satisfaction
  • Why identity stakeholders?
  • Stakeholder expectations
  • Why identify outputs?
  • Organizations are systems
  • How to develop outputs
  • Types of outputs
  • Quality standards for effective outputs
  • Questions to get started in developing outputs
Module 5: How to Develop Performance Measures Module 6: Target Setting
  • Why develop performance measure?
  • How to develop performance measures
  • Some bases for measurement
  • Quality standards for effective performance measures
  • Measuring intangible outputs
  • Customer service and measurement
  • Why develop targets?
  • How to develop targets
  • Quality standards for effective targets
Module 7: The Balanced Scorecard Module 8: Performance-Linked Communication
  • The balanced scorecard
  • Building the balanced scorecard: 7 step process
  • Why performance feedback is important
  • What should be communicated
  • Quality standards for effective performance feedback
  • Implementation: guidelines and pitfalls


Module 9: Implementation Guidelines and Pitfalls Module 10: Six Case Studies
  • Guidelines for successful implementation
  • Pitfalls

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User Comments

Sacher manuals work. Customers are reporting positive results, high levels of usage and high levels of satisfaction. Sacher manuals deliver quality. Past customers are 'true believers' or even fairly 'evangelical' in their perceptions of value derived from the product.· 91% reported Sacher Associates materials competitively superior in the marketplace · 90% reported either satisfied or very satisfied"

 Extracts from a Customer Satisfaction Survey completed by an independent consulting group 

"This book, based on  years of practical experience, is essential for those responsible for improving productivity and quality, and for everyone interested in gaining an insight and dispelling the mysteries that surround the subject."

Company Director Journal

"I looked at it and thought, hell, this is it. It was so elementary and straightforward, and it helped me sort out my thinking process."

Danny Doubell
Kempe International 

"I think the manuals are absolutely fantastic. I like the way they are structured in a very logical, practical format with examples all the way through which help to clarify points. The checklists are invaluable and the questionnaires help to reinforce the learning from each module. The phone contact and service provided by Sacher Associates has also been exceptional and you certainly live the values you espouse!"

Penny Crittall
Pindan Group " 

I thought to myself, 'this all fits together so well'. I found your manual very easy to read, and whipped through it. It was presented in a clear and logical manner, and will certainly help me in my work."

Angie Roger
New Zealand Fire Service 

"Fundamental to the future development of my business. It is just what I needed to help get my small business on track and to assist with growth and development."

Mandy Forward
Leber Storage Systems 

"I wanted to compliment you on the quality and format of your manuals. As you would acknowledge, the principles are not new but the presentation and clarity is excellent - in fact, the best I've ever seen. Congratulations on a first class presentation."

G.J. Neilan
Queensland Manager, FAI Insurance 

"The manual is so well written and the jargon is very similar to what is used in this company."
Strategic Planning, Worsley Alumina

"In my view, Performance Measures Applied is the single most important development work our company has or will undertake for a long time."

Deborah Motto
Angliss Pacific Limited 

"This is what we need; consultants who can tell us HOW to solve our problems."

Joe Allen
Mossman Central Mill Co. 

"We now have documented action plans through which performance measures and targets are easily monitored, and variations identified and controlled and performance is being continuously improved. In short, we are focused on getting our business basics right."

The Denso Management Team