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Electronic Manuals

Sacher Associates Electronic Manuals are electronic versions of our practical, how to, user friendly manuals in electronic format. Use them to implement any of the following organisation performance systems: (click on each system for details).


eManuals come with optional eWorkbooks to help implement the processes described in the eManual.


Over 20 000 Sacher Associates manuals have been sold in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States to organisations large and small, public and private, across industry, sector and culture. Now purchase an electronic version for a fraction of the price.


Sacher manuals work. Customers are reporting positive results, high levels of usage and high levels of satisfaction. Sacher manuals deliver quality. Past customers are invariably 'true believers' in their perceptions of value derived from the manuals.


Extracts from a Customer Satisfaction Survey completed by an independent consulting group.


Now you have the choice of ordering a manual in hard copy or electronic format.

Click here to download a manuals brochure

Click here for price list and click to order