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Performance-linked-learning system

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Performance-linked learning system modules

Successful companies view their preparation of organisational strategies and operational plans, their formulation of budgets and their monitoring actual performance against planned performance as a critical investment in their capability to compete effectively in the marketplace.


When an organisation develops a product or service it spends a great deal of effort on forecasting demand, formulating detailed strategic and operational plans, budgeting, and monitoring planned and actual outcomes. Any organisation should handle its performance-linked learning in exactly the same way, investing the same kind of effort in forecasting demand, formulating detailed strategic and operational plans, budgeting and monitoring actual outcomes against those planned. The same processes are needed for the development of people as for developing products and services.


A successful learning plan must be systematic and aligned with other functions within the organisation. Any learning plan must be used in tandem with budgetary 5and planning systems, and aligned with the overall targets and goals of the organisation.


A performance-linked learning system is based on an analysis of organisational goals and the development of integrated and prioritised learning solutions to provide the competencies required to achieve those goals.


A performance-linked learning system focuses each team on learning that is of the highest priority for the performance of the organisation and the teams within it. This is achieved by ensuring that the team's values, vision and mission reflect the values, vision and mission of the organisation. Team outputs, performance measures and targets are then established within this framework, and feedback systems are put in place. Only then can training be provided – training which meets the specific performance needs of the team because it is developed as a response to the question, Who in the team needs which competencies, and in what order, for the team to achieve its targets?


When the performance of the organisation is the guiding focus, learning can purposefully increase the overall performance of the organisation as well as satisfy individual learning needs.


Because Performance-linked learning is designed to ensure that learning goals contribute directly to organisation's performance goals, it:


  • helps managers and human resources personnel to identify what learning is most important for improving the organisation's performance and to determine how best to implement a learning system that improves the organisation's performance capability;
  • assists readers to develop the capability of all employees in a purposeful, systematic and continuous manner, so as to optimise the organisation's performance, profit contribution and long-term results;
  • gives readers the tools to develop a purposeful, systematic and continuous performance-linked learning system that helps specify learning standards for the organisation and helps the organisation to reach and maintain those standards.

Specifically, it shows you how to:

  • develop a learning vision
  • analyse current performance and predict future trends
  • identify competency gaps
  • design a learning strategy
  • translate that strategy into operational plans
  • budget for your learning plans
  • evaluate learning

It also provides guidelines for implementing a performance-linked learning system and examples.


Each module contains examples, summaries, checklists, glossaries and quality standards. A workbook containing application tasks and exercises can be found at the back of all the system modules.


While each module in the system is designed to stand alone, it is best to work through the modules in their numbered sequence to gain an understanding of performance-linked learning.


Performance-linked learning is a purposeful, ongoing and integral part of an organisation's continuous improvement system. It can be a major contributor to a sustainable competitive advantage by ensuring the right skills and knowledge are in the right place at the right time.

This system will address each of these components, showing how to construct them and how to implement them.





Performance-linked learning system

Price: $90 plus GST


The total system (described above)

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