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Published Manual Overview

Sacher manuals work. Customers are reporting positive results, high levels of usage and high levels of satisfaction. Sacher manuals deliver quality. Past customers are invariably 'true believers' in their perceptions of value derived from the manuals.

· 91% reported Sacher Associates materials competitively superior in the marketplace
· 90% reported either satisfied or very satisfied

-Extracts from a Customer Satisfaction Survey completed by an independent consulting group.

altSacher Associates published manuals and workbooks provide an integrated, how to approach to performance management. Manuals can be utilised singly to implement one performance sub-system or as a total set to build an integrated performance improvement system for your organisation.

These manuals take a holistic approach recognising that organisational success cannot be achieved by tinkering with one or other component. Just as in the human body all components are linked, so too in businesses. Sustained success can only be achieved through a totally integrated approach.

Within each of the five manuals, the easy-to-read modules can stand alone, yet together they form a comprehensive management system.

Each module contains examples, summaries, checklists, glossaries and quality standards. Common pitfalls are analysed and there are case studies. Plus there are easy-to-use guidelines for implementing the performance systems.

"Based on ten years practical experience, this manual is essential for those responsible for improving productivity and quality, and for everyone interested in gaining an insight and dispelling the mysteries that surround the subject."

- Company Director Journal

Manuals can be purchased as hard copy or electronic manuals.

The Manuals

The Performance System

A Commonsense Approach to Business Planning

Strategic and operational planning system

altThis manual provides a step-by-step guide to planning and implementing a strategic plan for your organisation/department/team. It leads you
through exercises and activities to provide you with a developed business plan. The manual comes with a workbook and an optional business planning disk.See more

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Performance Measures Applied

Performance management/ measurement system

altA potent system for measuring and managing individual, team and organisational performance. With case studies and examples, this practical manual enables you to build and implement a performance measurement/management system. It provides a jargon-free, practical guide to measurable, definable performance improvement.See more

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Performance-linked Communication

Information/feedback/ communication system

altA performance management tool for getting the right information to the right people at the right time. It answers the question, Who needs what information, in what order, to do a good job by implementing a system that communicates the performance goals of the organisation to the people doing the work, and building the infrastructure to support this communication. See more

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Performance-linked Learning

Strategic human resources development system

altA strategic training and development system designed to ensure that learning goals contribute directly to the organisation's performance goals. It is a system based on an analysis of organisational goals and the development of integrated and prioritised learning solutions to provide the competencies required to achieve those goals.See more

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Success through Team Performance

Team performance systems

altProvides a system for developing and nurturing high performing teams. It addresses the basic building blocks, called the basic components of team performance and shows how to successfully implement them.See more

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Sacher Associates Workbooks

Tool to implement the performance system

altWorkbooks are optional add-on investments intended to be used as an implementation tool to help you build the performance system described in the manual. Workbooks are not stand-alone products, and purchases are restricted to one per manual.See more

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Sacher Associates Workbooks Tools to implement the performance system
Workbooks are optional add-on investments intended to be used as an implementation tool to help you build the performance system described in the manual. Workbooks are not stand-alone products, and purchases are restricted to one per manual.

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