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Monty has worked with a number of our manufacturing work teams in providing training to our employees that engages them to come to the understanding that they have an important contribution to their own work environment. We now have a more engaged workforce in which ideas for improvement are communicated more employees feel empowered to Act which improves our own business performance.
Date of Posting: April 21, 2010
Paul Manks hired Sacher Associates more than once.
Monty Sacher provided what our company needed. Astounding outcomes. Change in workplace thinking (from shop floor to Managers) with issues being confronted and solutions found. Not just for production outcomes, but safety and quality thinking. For the first time our supervisors had a framework with which to communbciate with their teams. The results were long lasting and life changing. Years later, working as a colleague, with Monty, in other projects, I experienced first hand the thoroughness and detail mindedness of his approach. I also, again, experienced, the workforce and supervisor and manager life-changing outcomes. The change in power, positive power, given to all of the work force never stops amazing me. The process has benefits way apart from just bottom line. And that's what has kept me admiring this man, his style and ways of thinking.
Date of Posting: April 21, 2010
Dennis Sparrow hired Sacher Associates more than once.
Harold is an expert in his field who is able to adapt his business principles to non traditional structures such as Alliances and achieve great results
Date of Posting: April 19, 2010
Paul Foyster hired Sacher Associates more than once.
I was blown away by Monty Sacher's approach when I heard him give a talk on strategic business planning and implementation. We were struggling to utilise our full potential, and here was somebody who offered just what our organisation needed! He was so down to earth and to the point. I took home a copy of his book "What do I do on Monday morning: a guide to organizational success" and contacted Monty soon after.

Monty is a true genius when it comes to helping you translate your vision and goals into reality, and his positive can-do attitude continues to inspire our organisation to this day. He allowed us to dream (and took our dreams seriously!), but always within the parameters of reality.
The bottom line is – with Monty's help – we turned our vision for a two million dollar facility into reality.
Date of Posting: April 19, 2010
Dudu Lider hired Sacher Associates more than once.
Harold is an exceptional business consultant with high expectancies of himself and his range of services to exceed his clients needs. We encountered this through the "Self Managed Teams' workshops in a previous organisation (GH Michell) that I worked and where the outcomes far exceeded what we were looking for in making 'change' to our operational functions. The outcomes of these workshop's made significant improvements to our organisational outputs, measures and objectives. In addition to this, the morale of the workforce improved more than 100% on pre/post workshop surveys.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Harold to any other organisation and also, to read his books on various business strategies.
Date of Posting: April 11, 2010
Brian Peel, hired Sacher Associates more than once.
Harold “Monty” was our missing link. This process has been invaluable to our business. We can now clearly see the path to even greater success.
Date of Posting: April 17, 2010
Chris Zumwalt hired Sacher Associates more than once.
Harold Sacher has an incredible knowledge & experience bank to help improve team work and performance management. Simple systems that work and get results. The best thing about Harold is he doesn't try to fix things that are working, instead the focus is on where the most impact and positive change can be achieved in the shortest time. I enjoy working with him and learning from him.
Geoff Stodart hired Sacher Associates more than once.
Through the work done with Harold Sacher we have at last found a process to engage factory floor employees and create effective work teams, giving us a distinct competitive advantage in the market place. I have been impressed with his ability to engage even the most skeptical employee in the team building process.
Date of Posting: April 11, 2010
Duncan Fraser, hired Sacher Associates more than once.
Harold is an organisational and management expert. I do not use this word lightly. What he doesn't know about Change Management and the role of Culture in developing successful business outcomes is not worth knowing. He has written a book on the subject and has delivered increased productivity and profits in some of Australia's toughest work environments. Regularly reviewed in BRW, Harold has passion for what he does and it is positively infectious.
Date of Posting: April 18, 2007
Gene Stark, Owner, Stark Reality
This is what we need: consultants who can tell us HOW to solve our problems.
Joe Allen
Mossman Central Mill Co.
In my view, Performance Measures Applied is the single most important development work our company has or will undertake for a long time.
Deborah Motto
Angliss Pacific Limited
The business had been set a difficult profit target and the continuing economic downturn, resulting in reduced revenue, reinforced this situation. The business was able to meet its profit target and return an 11 percent improvement on this target which, in financial terms, amounts to several millions of dollars.
John Grundy
South Eastern Power
Generally our department has a much more unified sense of direction and purpose which is a vast improvement on the way things used to be. It is now very easy to measure, plot and graph out performance by individual, team and the section as a whole. We all work smarter. We discuss things more. More operators want to be developed and show commitment and enthusiasm - a new level of consciousness has developed.
Dennis Sparrow
G.H. Mitchell
We now have documented action plans through which performance measures and targets are easily monitored, and variances identified and controlled and performance is being continuously improved. In short we are focussed on getting our business basics right.
The Denso Management Team
Following a Sacher Associates project, customer satisfaction with services, as measured by an independent external organisation, improved from below average to equal number one, out of 18 regions. This level of performance was sustained for 15 months.
Doug Christie
Mountain District
Fundamental to the future development of my business. It is just what is needed to help get small business on track and to assist with growth and development.
Mandy Forward
Leber Storage Systems
Sacher manuals work. Customers are reporting positive results, high levels of usage and high levels of satisfaction. Sacher manuals deliver quality. Past customers are 'true believers' or even fairly 'evangelical' in their perceptions of value derived from the product. · 91% reported Sacher Associates materials competitively superior in the marketplace · 90% reported either satisfied or very satisfied
Extracts from a Customer Satisfaction Survey completed by an independent consulting group
This manual, based on ten years practical experience, is essential for those responsible for improving productivity and quality, and for everyone interested in gaining an insight and dispelling the mysteries that surround the subject.
Company Director Journal
I looked at it and thought, hell, this is it. It was so elementary and straightforward, and it helped me sort out my thinking process.
Danny Doubell
Kempe International
I think the manuals are absolutely fantastic. I like the way they are structured in a very logical, practical format with examples all the way through which help to clarify points. The checklists are invaluable and the questionnaires help to reinforce the learning from each module. The phone contact and service provided by Sacher Associates has also been exceptional and you certainly live the values you espouse!
Penny Crittall
Pindan Group
I thought to myself, 'this all fits together so well'. I found your manual very easy to read, and whipped through it. It was presented in a clear and logical manner, and will certainly help me in my work.
Angie Roger
New Zealand Fire Service
I wanted to compliment you on the quality and format in your manuals. As you would acknowledge, the principles are not new but the presentation and clarity is excellent - in fact, the best I've ever seen. Congratulations on a first class presentation.
G.J. Neilan
Queensland Manager, FAI Insurance
The manual is so well written and the jargon is very similar to what is used in this company.
Errol Jaeger
Strategic Planning, Worsley Alumina



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