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Why Sacher Associates

1. Solid Track Record.

Sacher Performance Systems are in use throughout the world. 70% of Australia's top 100 companies, thousands of government organisations, all State Premier's Departments, and over 8,000 large and small businesses are using these vital Sacher Associates products and services.


2. Proven Results.

Endorsed by some of the world's biggest companies and validated by real-life case studies and examples in large and small companies and government entities.


3. Cross-Industry.

Underscored by basic principles that can be applied to any team in any industry.


4. Accessibility.

Online access to manuals, workbooks, surveys, elearning, tools, technology and support from anywhere in the world.


5. Practical.

"how to" approach, plain English easy to understand implementation guides, tools, training and technology. Easy to use because they contain quality standards, checklists and guidelines for implementation, as well common pitfalls.


6. Organisational Experience.

Authors & developers have over 20 years hands-on experience implementing organisational performance systems in several countries and across many industries.


7. Robust.

Underscored by solid, theoretical basis, industry standards and the practical experience of thousands of organisations.


8. Customised Content.

Rapid turnaround of customised and industry-specific intellectual material tailored to client needs.


9. Free Support.

The authors and developers are available to provide support and assistance at any time. In addition, a team of dedicated facilitators, consultants and trainers are also at hand.


10. Guaranteed.

Performance Improvement using Sacher step by step approach.

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