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Published Workshop Brochures

Sacher Associates run PUBLIC and IN-HOUSE workshops in all our  specialist areas:

  • Strategic Business Planning.
  • Performance Management – how to implement a total performance management system.
  • KPI and Performance Measurement – how to implement a total performance measurement system.
  • Building a Balanced Scorecard.
  • Implementing a Performance Appraisal System
  • Communication / Visual feedback  (how to link organisation performance with communication).
  • Performance-Linked Learning (how to implement a strategic training and development system).
  • Success through Team Performance.

***New workshop for Team Leaders and Middle Managers***

The Micro CEO

A workshop designed to train Team Leaders and Middle Managers to achieve measurable and continuous performance improvements in the teams that they lead.
Click here for further details.


  • Sacher Associates provides custom-designed IN-HOUSE workshops to kick-start or rev up any of the following organisation systems:
  • Strategic planning (A Commonsense Approach to Business Planning Workshop)
  • Strategic alignment  (A system which translates strategy into action)
  • Performance measurement (Performance Measures Applied)
  • Performance management
  • Communication and feedback (Performance-Linked-Communication)
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Strategic training and development (Performance-Linked-Training)
  • Team building (Success through Team Performance)
  • A combination of any of the above
  • Getting Business Basics Right

Workshop features:

  • A practical custom-designed in-house workshop
  • Develop, own and understand the performance system
  • Workshop offers include 1 manual and workbook per delegate and can include pre-work

Workshops can be tailored to:

  • The level of your team/department/organisation (for example, for more senior teams we could provide pre-work)
  • Mix and match systems to meet your needs (for example, many organisations
  • like a mixture of our business planning and performance measurement workshops)
  • Include examples relevant to your own industry/situation
  • Pre-work, which is optional, involves doing some theory and application tasks prior to the workshop.


Please register your interest and we will provide details and let you know when the next workshop will be scheduled in your area.


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1. Our in-house workshops are personalised and custom-designed to meet
    any organisation's needs and circumstances.

2. We facilitate the process, but each team develops its own system
     which results in commitment and ownership.

3. Gain the tools to standardising the system throughout the organisation.

4. Organisations learn how to implement the system and keep it going.

5. Learn the basics that can be applied to any situation requiring the system in
    organisations that are both product and service-related.

6. Our specialist facilitators have had years of hands-on experience implementing
    the systems in several countries over a wide range of industries.

7. Organisations benefit as the processes are practical and experience based.

8. Tried and proven manuals are supplied. They have evolved from hundreds of
    workshops where performance systems have been developed and implemented.


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