Strategic Business Planning, rather than a technique, is a complete system for running an organisation by translating the vision into the everyday activities of the people doing the work. Every single person knows exactly What to do on Monday morning to achieve the vision and strategic goals. It begins by identifying your positive vision of the future and then assessing the organisation’s current performance. The business plan is then developed to close the gap between where the organisation is now and where you want it to be in the future.

This is done by identifying what strengths and weaknesses the organisation possesses; and what opportunities and threats the organisation faces. Strategy determines how best to maximise competitive advantage; how to tap into the opportunities, how best to manage the weaknesses inherent in the organisation and the threats that it faces. You then identify measurable short-term targets; what resources you will require, and plans of action which will be followed on a daily basis to ensure that you will achieve what you have identified as success. Finally, you monitor the progress and make alterations when deviations occur.

I was blown away by Monty Sacher’ approach when I heard him give a talk on strategic business planning and implementation. We were struggling to utilise our full potential, and here was somebody who offered just what our organisation needed! He was so down to earth and to the point. I took home a copy of his book “What do I do on Monday morning: a guide to organizational success” and contacted Monty soon after. Monty is a true genius when it comes to helping you translate your vision and goals into reality, and his positive can-do attitude continues to inspire our organisation to this day. He allowed us to dream (and took our dreams seriously!), but always within the parameters of reality. The bottom line is – with Monty’s help – we turned our vision for a multimillion dollar facility into reality.

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Sacher Associates can assist you in planning for your organisation. We target men and women who want to run their organisation/ department/ branch better. Our focus is not only on developing a business plan, but rather on the successful implementation. The ultimate aim is to use your planning skills to control the future of your organisation, rather than be controlled by it.

Being the owner or a manager of a business comes with responsibilities. Your family, shareholders, employees and customers are depending on you to run a healthy and profitable business. This means that you must manage your business efficiently today.

But it also means that you need to manage your business so as to ensure that it is profitable and healthy tomorrow. Many managers are very good at managing day-to-day activities. Few are good at trying to manage the future direction of their business - most leave it to manage itself. If you want to make a success of your business, both now and in the future, you have no choice but to begin planning. The question on every astute business person’s mind should be: What do we need to do now, in order to survive and grow? If you don’t take control of your organisation and your destiny, other more hungry organisations will.

Although many in organisations, particularly small organisations, feel that it is unnecessary to put a business plan down in writing since they carry all the information in their heads, we challenge this view. By writing down your business plan you are forced to think about many details which would often otherwise be neglected. It also provides focus to your organisation and ensures that you have considered the big picture. Most importantly, it helps you to become a more profitable and healthy organisation, both now and in the future.

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