One of Sacher Associates' strengths as a consultancy is our ability to deploy our expertise in written form. Our books are tried and tested and have evolved from hundreds of workshops where strategic plans performance and measurement systems have been developed and implemented. Today there are thousands of versions in use, tailored to specific companies, teams and organisational levels. All our books and manuals are produced in electronic and EBook format as well.

We use basic principles in these books and apply them to any situation. For example, we can mix and match modules to form personalised manuals on performance measurement, performance management, team building, strategic planning, communication and training in companies that are both product and service related.

We can tailor our books to:

  • The level of your team/department/organisation
  • Your own terminology
  • Be user-friendly with the guarantee that the product is easy to learn and to use
  • Include your own logo and a title of your choice
  • Include examples relevant to your own industry/situation
  • Be regularly updated and improved (if required)

You will discover how your books can reduce consulting time and off-the-job time and therefore cost, while simultaneously improving the quality and consistency of learning especially when combined with computer based training. Everyone will have a comprehensive written record of the major premises, ideas and philosophies that are being communicated. It will also act as a ready reference ideal for refresher workshops.

sacher tailored manuals

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