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A workshop aimed at small, medium and large organisations in Regional Victoria.

30th October 2019, Shepparton ,Victoria Australia

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Examples of Public and In-house workshops

In-house workshops

In-house workshops brochure

  • Practical custom-designed in-house workshops
  • Cost per attendee can be a third of that for a public workshop
  • Develop, own and understand the performance systems
  • Workshop offers include three published books and workbook per delegate and can include pre-work
  • We come to you
  • Fixed cost so you know what you will pay.

Workshops can be tailored to:

  • The level of your team/department/organisation (for example, for more senior teams we could provide pre-work)
  • Mix and match systems to meet your needs (e.g, mixing business planning and performance measurement is popular)
  • Include examples relevant to your own industry/situation
  • Pre-work, which is optional, involves doing some theory and application tasks prior to the workshop.

Public workshops

Ten reasons why Sacher Associates workshops work:

  1. Our in-house workshops are personalised and custom-designed
  2. We facilitate, but each team develops its own system resulting in commitment and ownership
  3. Gain the tools to standardising the system throughout your organisation
  4. Organisations learn how to implement the processes and systems and continuously improve
  5. Lessons can be applied to organisations in all industries
  6. Our experienced, specialist facilitators have worked in several countries and industries
  7. Organisations benefit as the processes are practical and experience based
  8. Tried and tested published books that have evolved from hundreds of workshops
  9. A fixed cost value for money proposal ensures there are no surprises and,
  10. The cost is less, the quality is better because of the, focussed nature of an in house workshop.

Get in touch with us via email or call +61 3 9527 3761 for details on the next scheduled workshops in your area. 


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What do I do on Monday morning?

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